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Community Relations

We love giving back to our community and organizations. 

Fundraising opportunities allow your organization to partner with Chick-fil-A Parma to raise funds.

Our fundraising opportunities are designed to bring Chick-fil-A home to your family.

Please submit the form below and a member of our team will reach out.

Note: Chick-fil-A Parma focuses giving on- education, hunger and homelessness. 

Chick-fil-A Nuggets Tray
Resale Fundraiser

How it works: 

  • Your organization selects a day to pick up pre-ordered trays, and/or bottled sauces. We will need a week's notice for all pre-orders. 

  • Items that are a part of this fundraiser: Chick-fil-A Reheatable Trays (Nuggets and/or Strips), 6 Pack Cookies, and Bottled Sauces.

  • Your organization will sell the cold trays, sandwiches, and/or bottled sauces at the delivery price, but will get charged from Chick-fil-A Parma at the pick up price. Your profit could be anywhere from $.75-$27.50. 

  • You will turn in the orders & money to Chick-fil-A Parma, and then return one week later to pick up the orders & distribute them. You must plan to deliver the cold trays right away, or have plenty of space in a refrigerator to keep the trays cold.

  • Chick-fil-A Parma will need a week’s notice of pre-orders. 

  • The organization is responsible for collecting money and delivering the product. 

Host a FUNdrasier
Are you a 501c non-profit organization?
Which fundraiser are you interested in?

Thanks for submitting! A member of our team will reach out if we can support you.

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